ps2 trick for those wanting to change a hard drive

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Optimize the work Ulauncher

In the previous tutorial I've discussed how to run the file either on the HDD Ulaunch or on MMC playstation 2, this time I will discuss how to maximize or optimize the Elf Ulaunch in reading a file stored on the HDD playstation 2, so gamers should prepare file.elf previous (copy to flash) that will be used later, in this tutorial I use the 2 files elves just are codebreaker.elf and SMS v2.9.elf.First gamers should know how to run ulaunch, if not understand gamers can read my previous tutorial. Like what steps step? let us at the same practice

        First run the file ulaunch.Elf looks like the image below
                      Then locate the file that had been stored in an elf flash

           after his elf file is copied and then go to hdd0: / / and paste in the folder anywhere, I choose _system /
                   After the file in the copy-paste Then select configure, will appear as shown below
select the button that will be used, I choose R1:then locate the file that is stored in an elf _system / I choose codebreaker.elf, if it really will like the pictur
hereinafter the same process as above gamers just select the button that will be used then select the file elfnya, finished image approximately like this
So the way it works is every gamers run ulaunch gamers simply press the button that was set by the gamers themselves for example when I want to run codebreaker.elf I just need to press R1 only, so of usage much simpler.
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