ps2 trick for those wanting to change a hard drive

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how to measure the optical diode lasser ps2

both to measure the diode Lesser like that already know probably no longer strange, but those of us who do not know hopefully can help
sometimes the technician to determine the damaged optic technology uses Guess, sometimes they can only see the bright flame diode lasser but in addition there are several measurement measurement should we do so that results can be maximized and accurate.
ok basically inside the PS2 optick there are two important components of diode Lesser and cumparan coil and lens
and in here we will discuss how to measure diode Lesser PS2
before the measurements we need to have measuring devices typically use digital meter AVO is measuring diode with a ratio measuring 1 to 1 and we usually we use wavetek AVO meter (because it is only we have)
well we started just before the start of the measurement we must know the point at which wrote that we must measure and here there are two points we need to measure the point of DVD and CD point and a so sure we need to know titi Ground This ground point to attach the needle avo meter that the black color and point cd or  red needles look at the picture and note the minimum value DVDand if the threshold was too far so that the readings can
will be difficult to better use could limit the maximum value or more is best.
below the picture diode Lesser PS2:
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