ps2 trick for those wanting to change a hard drive

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how to install usb advanced

how so files can be loaded and read by our PS?
USBAdvance file so that we have made to our life, first you have to install MCMULTI. Once downloaded run MCMULTI.EXE and follow the instructions. after completion ... memory card can be used to boot the external HD with a menu of options including:

* HD Loader (Boot for PS that uses HD and Networknya).
* ULAUNCh (File Browser).
* USB Advance (Boot for PS using External HD).
* Format MC (Choose if you want to format the MC PS2nya).
The next step:

1. Copy files USBAdvance which ye made to flash and rename it to USBADVN (capital letters).
2. In MCMULTI menu press SQUARE on the stick, having appeared Ulaunch go on browse and select mass and then press circle and select USBADVN then press R1 and select Copy.
3. Exit by pressing triangle, then enter the path mc0 press circle. then highlight the folder BOOT press circle and press R1 select paste.
Now it has been replaced USBADVN file with the file USBADVN homemade own friends.Reset PSnya and see the results.

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