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How To inject PS2Load The Game PS2 USBAdvance

The function of the injector PS2load inject or inject ps2load file into iso file. Useful for PS2 games that can not walk on the USB Advance. This is an automatic. Moreover MSYSTEM files automatically entered and charged into the iso file. So the guns have to bother - bother anymore ps2load insert a file into a game that wants dimodif. sometimes - sometimes have to edit msystem continue masukkin tired ps2loadnya files or sometimes forgotten. So now again tuh guns. But although it is still an early version was okay. While waiting out the v 1.1.
          Games that need diinject use PS2Load include the following:
  1. Ghost Rider
  2. Moto GP 2008
  3. One Piece. Grand Adventure
  4. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
  5. Smackdown Pain
  6. The MUMMY Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
  7. The Punisher
  8. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam
  9. Winning Eleve
  10. Mummy 3
  11. NFS Underground
  12. Burnout Revenge
  13. Kill Zone
And as for how it works is as follows:Download the first PS2Load Injector v.1.0Extract the file and open PS2L v1.0.exe Injector 
                          and first appearance as shown below:
To begin open the ISO Filename
Here I choose the game Winning Eleven 8 as an example:
After that open PS2Load directory look like in the picture below:
To make a name in the Name of the game box.
After everything is finished press the PUSH HERE in ps2load injector. And if already completed will show the info.
This is the result of Game Winning Eleven 8, which is injected.
carefully to try it
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