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free mcboot installation

Free MC Boot 1.8 Tutorial is a tutorial in which we enable our playstation MC in order to read ELF file to be displayed on the browser screen playstation us, we would have installed using the Free MC Boot 1.8, many ways that we can do in the process of installing them using ulauncher either in the form CDVD or also stored in our playstation MC, I already gave the tutorial in the previous post, if gamers feel still confused running ulaunch.elf can read my first post on the tutorial. Let's practice with the same installation Free MC Boot 1.8, in the process of gamers do not need to hurry because I wanted to master it tried several times to finally understand.
In this tutorial I use Ulauncher already installed on the MC playstation because the process of making it easier in my opinion.
gamers should have:
Left at least 2MB Memory CardPS2 machine I use my USB stick {512MB} sundiskFree McBoot release Package (Free MC Boot 1.8)Apps / files to be installed
                               Files that are suggested for the install process:
                                                        uLaunchELF ........
                                                   FMCB Configurator........
In the process this time I only use 2 Files elves just so not too complicated in the making, I use Ulaunch.elf and SMS Version 2.9.elf
                                                 Sample files are ready to install
Folder name must match the image aboveAll files on top gamers can download in advance for example only, if gamers have advanced and understand each can be edited in accordanceinput all gamers need to flash ....The function of each file can gamers look for in google ..

1.Now run Ulauncher Both the MC and CDVD

Then to the mass: / / gamers will find a file like this
Then select the Free MC Boot.elf ...

Select the Multi-Version Install wait until the install process is complete, if successful there will be writing successfully installed Free MC Boot!

MC already teristall Free MC Boot can only work within existing playstation terinject Free MC Boot files only, so gamers can not use it on another playstation.
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