ps2 trick for those wanting to change a hard drive

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change ulaunch skin

Our topic is how to change skins Ulaunch First gamers who want to prepare images in pairs on Ulaunch itself, when gamers use the current version (4.30), gamers should prepare 2 images and save to flash.
Now run his Ulaunch then copy-paste the pictures on the flash memory and save it on HDD. Gamers go to the configure or press the select only.
Choose skin settings option then browse skinsChoose the path that are made skins ...Find a picture that gamers had been stored in the HDD, then aplly new skin
Then find one more Gui Skin paths (image Front)Find pictures stored in the HDD and then apply a skin gui and Done ...
gamers can find images that gamers like or gamers can also search for images through google
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